Era de Ilusiones Destrozadas

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  1. lamariposavioleta enero 13, 2015 a 5:51 pm #

    Mil Gracias por compartir este video.

    Es uno de los mejores videos educativos que nos enseña como materializar el cambio que necesita el mundo ya experimentar “the era of shattered illusions…

    Personally, I think that It depends on our own awareness, how willingly we want to contribute to this trascendental change individually and collectively, how willingly we want to build up a new world on earth.

    I also believe that it has no sense to understand reality without illusions if we haven´t learnt how to love with responsibility yet.

    What are we going to do afterwards? I mean after becoming aware of the hidden truth and after having uncovered the veils of cheating illusions.

    I personally consider that a new world on earth is only possible if we learn to align our intelligence with our hearts to evolve as human beings.


    Me gusta

    • lamariposavioleta enero 13, 2015 a 6:02 pm #

      Los aliento a que difundais este VIDEO.

      Es EXCELENTE en forma y contenido, en todos los sentidos.

      Muchas gracias de nuevo por haberlo compartido y habermelo enviado por correo.


      Me gusta

      • lamariposavioleta enero 13, 2015 a 9:25 pm #

        In addition to this, I would like to say that it is clearly evident that we^ve been hidden the truth, that we have also been told big lies, that our egos have been taught to become selfish and individualistic by means of a perverse economic system that stimulates the kingdom of our selfish egos.

        The era of the kingdom of the selfish ego has started to decay. The multiple masks of illusion and lie have started to fall down.

        However, we should be ready to manage and handle the truth in our hands.

        How are we going to deal with such a power in our hands?

        It is not only a question of becoming conscious. It is a question of learning to wake up our ability to love from our spirit.

        Unfortunately, we´ve been taught and stimulated in all possible ways, to love from our selfish ego that has led us to become slaves.

        How are we going to build up different fraternal and reciprocal links among ourselves if we go on loving in the way we´ve been taught to love?

        We need to change first internally to manifest a trascendental change in our world.

        After becoming aware of this cruel and perverse reality, we should be prepared to command the art of loving differently, to be able to build up a new humanity, to give up our slavery.

        I do believe that it is a childish and immature attitude or vision to believe that the enemy is only outside ourselves. It is, it has always been.

        However, it also lies inside ourselves, the seed of lack of love has been implanted artificial and efficiently by those who have ruled our world unfairly for centuries.

        By observing the world we live in with the eyes of our souls, we are able to see clearly the illusion, we are able to discover the lies and we can finally reveal the manipulation and control in which we have been submitted as a civilization.

        In my personal opinion, I think that the real and complete revelation is going to take place when we have clearly understood and realized this. I mean what I have tried to explain with my entire comment.

        In other words, in few words to remember:

        Our human metamorphosis will take place successfully first by becoming aware and then by learning how to love from our spirit, by giving up loving from our selfish ego.

        However, this metamorphosis can also be manifested by the other way round:

        By commanding the art of love, all our cognitive abilities are activated naturally, our rational and intuitive capacities are able “to realize” the falseness and the fallacy hidden in the reality we are given to experience political, economical and socially.

        Human Metamorphosis is awareness with spiritual love or spiritual love with awareness.

        Note: “to realize” in english means becoming aware or conscious.

        Muchas Gracias por publicar este comentario mitad en inglés, mitad en español.

        A veces no logro expresarme en mi lengua materna, español, como me gustaría, debido principalmente que me vincula a la lengua inglesa mas estrechamente.

        Senti la necesidad de expresarme libremente luego de visionar este video que me ayudó muchisimo en todos los sentidos, mucho mas de lo que he procurado expresar lingüísticamente.

        ¡Gracias por compartir este EXCELENTE y REVELADOR VIDEO!


        Me gusta

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